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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reschedule, Reschedule, Reschedule

Man...that's annoying!

I had an appointment scheduled to see the dietician on Monday at 9:30...got a call a few moments before I was scheduled to head out the door. The dietician had an emergency and needed to reschedule until Tues...same time. So....off to work I went. Upon returning home, there was another message asking to reschedule to Wed at 8:30. GRRRR...kiddos don't have school, so I had to make arrangements for someone to watch them.

WEEELLLLL....as luck would have it, Wednesday morning comes along (today) and my lovely daughter awoke with a fever. The dietician, of course, has a "crazy" schedule and won't be at my clinic for two weeks.

I had a little panic attack because one of the insurance requirements is 6 consecutive months of weights. That would leave a gap in MONTH TWO. While making an appt for my daughter, I had them check and the psych did indeed enter a weight at our last visit, so...all is well again.

My hubby even commented how long this process has been and wished (for me) that this wasn't so difficult. It hasn't been difficult, per say. Though, it is WAY more appts then I'm used to, paired with mistaken appts and rescheduling.

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