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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another "first"

This week was my first trip to the psychologist! It really wasn't as bad as I envisioned. For this visit, it was basically taking an inventory if I exhibited signs of depression, mania, OCD, anxiety, paranoia, phobias, substance abuse, etc. She told me nothing that I didn't already know...I worry too much and have an all or nothing mentality. I think I actually USED those exact phrases myself in our visit! LOL!

She suggested 2 programs for our visits. The first one is called the LEARN program. A recommended curriculum by some major hospitals in our area. I am going to call and see if MY surgeon requires this specific program. It combines nutrition and psychological topics.

The other program she recommended was called The Beck Diet. I instantly fell in love with this approach to using a psychological approach to weight loss. Let's face it, I KNOW about nutrition...it's my head that needs to be able to apply my knowledge. I look forward to figuring all that "stuff" out!

Oh...I have had an awesome eating and exercising week. Since my first visit,a month ago, I think I have lost 5.5 pounds! YAY ME! I especially find that AMAZING in light of the floods that struck my town causing a stressful, expensive and emotionally draining time!

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