Exploring weight loss surgery options and losing 110 pounds (or so)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting CLOSER!!!

I called my surgeon's office today to see that all the paperwork that was supposed to get there did...AND IT DID! She said that it just got there yesterday in fact (though I've been waiting nearly 3 weeks!) She said that she would send it to insurance and she would call me when she heard their decision. She said the typical turn around is 2-3 weeks. (However, I've heard that Aetna has a fast turn around rate.)

Cross your fingers and your toes that they approve!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Wait Begins..I mean continues!

Last week officially marked 6 months of weight checks with my doctor. The next step is waiting for the clinic to compile my records and pass them along to the surgeon. Then more waiting while the assemble the info to submit to insurance. THEN, even MORE waiting while insurance approves (or Lord forbid denies) my "claim."

Even though it has been probably 8 months since I started REALLY deciding if weight loss surgery was the route I needed to take, I think the next few weeks/months will be the hardest. I am NOT a patient person. I HATE waiting. God speed, medical records......God speed!