Exploring weight loss surgery options and losing 110 pounds (or so)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mindful Eating

I swear, this has to be the hardest thing ever! My "Beck Diet" assignment was to be a mindful eater. To thoroughly chew each and every bite and to pause 10 seconds between bites. Seriously!?! While I know that this is important, IT IS SO HARD!

I am constantly reminding myself to "DO IT ANYWAYS!" A reminder that is suggested multiple times throughout the book.

Here's a link it you want to check the book out! The Beck Diet and The Beck Diet Workbook...you only need one or the other...I bought both.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reschedule, Reschedule, Reschedule

Man...that's annoying!

I had an appointment scheduled to see the dietician on Monday at 9:30...got a call a few moments before I was scheduled to head out the door. The dietician had an emergency and needed to reschedule until Tues...same time. So....off to work I went. Upon returning home, there was another message asking to reschedule to Wed at 8:30. GRRRR...kiddos don't have school, so I had to make arrangements for someone to watch them.

WEEELLLLL....as luck would have it, Wednesday morning comes along (today) and my lovely daughter awoke with a fever. The dietician, of course, has a "crazy" schedule and won't be at my clinic for two weeks.

I had a little panic attack because one of the insurance requirements is 6 consecutive months of weights. That would leave a gap in MONTH TWO. While making an appt for my daughter, I had them check and the psych did indeed enter a weight at our last visit, so...all is well again.

My hubby even commented how long this process has been and wished (for me) that this wasn't so difficult. It hasn't been difficult, per say. Though, it is WAY more appts then I'm used to, paired with mistaken appts and rescheduling.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another "first"

This week was my first trip to the psychologist! It really wasn't as bad as I envisioned. For this visit, it was basically taking an inventory if I exhibited signs of depression, mania, OCD, anxiety, paranoia, phobias, substance abuse, etc. She told me nothing that I didn't already know...I worry too much and have an all or nothing mentality. I think I actually USED those exact phrases myself in our visit! LOL!

She suggested 2 programs for our visits. The first one is called the LEARN program. A recommended curriculum by some major hospitals in our area. I am going to call and see if MY surgeon requires this specific program. It combines nutrition and psychological topics.

The other program she recommended was called The Beck Diet. I instantly fell in love with this approach to using a psychological approach to weight loss. Let's face it, I KNOW about nutrition...it's my head that needs to be able to apply my knowledge. I look forward to figuring all that "stuff" out!

Oh...I have had an awesome eating and exercising week. Since my first visit,a month ago, I think I have lost 5.5 pounds! YAY ME! I especially find that AMAZING in light of the floods that struck my town causing a stressful, expensive and emotionally draining time!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A jumble of updates...and more visits!

I am proud to report that all by blood work came back good! I must admit that I am amazed!

I had my first EVER psychologist appointment on Monday. It was AWESOME! Within the first 2 minutes, the Dr. asked if I was there for a gastric bypass eval. I said I was exploring my weight loss surgery options and that, in the end, I would like an eval. She apologized, but said she couldn't help me.

She was in the process of becoming qualified or using the specific assessment tool that they used, but at this time was not qualified. All in all, I appreciated her honesty (and the fact that she assured me that I wouldn't be charged for the visit.) The receptionist had misread the instructions and set up an appointment with the wrong person.

She was gracious and helped me set up appointments with someone whom WAS able to do the specific type of assessment that I needed. As I was on the phone with the "qualified" psychologist's receptionist, she shared that she was 3 years gastric bypass post op. She LOVED sharing and said she would do it again in a New York minute. She had lost 100 pounds and was off her diabetes meds in 2 months...a very happy patient.

I have an appointment with the new psychologist next week. Should be interesting!