Exploring weight loss surgery options and losing 110 pounds (or so)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm kinda in denial about my denial! Well, actually I've accepted in and feel like I'll never be approved and need to come up with another plan. I was denied due to a lack of a 2 year history of obesity and lack of 6 months worth of doctors visits. Actually based on the insurance's criteria of a BMI of 35 with comorbidities, I qualify...not understanding this at all. I submitted another doctor visit, so I should be covered as far as that goes.

I have been dreading a call to my surgeon's insurance rep but made that call today. I asked her about a peer to peer consultation. She said that she submitted an appeal 2 days ago....she thought that is what was discussed when we last spoke. I was excited to hear that. She apologized for not calling earlier to communicate that the paperwork was sent off. I was excited to hear that it was sent! She anticipated another 30-60 day wait to hear anything.

I have been considering what other options to look into as far as weight loss goes. I guess my plan for now will be to wait until I hear word about the appeal. Maybe the planets will properly align and I'll get approved! hey....a girl can dream can't she!