Exploring weight loss surgery options and losing 110 pounds (or so)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A jumble of updates...and more visits!

I am proud to report that all by blood work came back good! I must admit that I am amazed!

I had my first EVER psychologist appointment on Monday. It was AWESOME! Within the first 2 minutes, the Dr. asked if I was there for a gastric bypass eval. I said I was exploring my weight loss surgery options and that, in the end, I would like an eval. She apologized, but said she couldn't help me.

She was in the process of becoming qualified or using the specific assessment tool that they used, but at this time was not qualified. All in all, I appreciated her honesty (and the fact that she assured me that I wouldn't be charged for the visit.) The receptionist had misread the instructions and set up an appointment with the wrong person.

She was gracious and helped me set up appointments with someone whom WAS able to do the specific type of assessment that I needed. As I was on the phone with the "qualified" psychologist's receptionist, she shared that she was 3 years gastric bypass post op. She LOVED sharing and said she would do it again in a New York minute. She had lost 100 pounds and was off her diabetes meds in 2 months...a very happy patient.

I have an appointment with the new psychologist next week. Should be interesting!

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