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Thursday, November 4, 2010


That's right...10 POUNDS LOST!

It's been a busy week of appts for me! On Tuesday, I had another psych visit. Wow...that was fun to have her stroke my ego. She was happy with my progress and helped me set some goals to get back on track with exercise. (After a week of sick kiddos, I fell off the exercise bandwagon. HARD!) I have 2 standing appointments and she told me to wait and not schedule anymore just yet. honestly, I like the accountability that the psych visits have offered me.

Then, there is the other end of the spectrum...the dietician. My first (and only???) visit was today. I am NOT impressed! She was unorganized, spoke down at me, and didn't provide realistic guidelines. She had some advice on WHAT to do, but gave no suggestions on HOW to do it/techniques/plan/etc. She noted that I had successfully lost weight on a 1700 calorie diet, but suggested that I follow a 1200 calorie diet about every other day. Whatever lady!

She thinks that by following a 1200 calorie diet, it would show that I could truly be disciplined after surgery. So, I can use my "willpower" to follow a post-op diet WITHOUT the restriction?! Hello! If I could follow a 1200 diet long-term, I wouldn't need to have surgery. In addition, maybe you could offer some follow up care!

However, when I asked her how frequently she suggested we meet...are you ready for this....she said that she typically meets with pre-op patients once. ONCE! That is MESSED up!!

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