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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Met the surgeon....

no emergency surgeries today!

I must say that he (Dr. L) cracks me up! He was open, honest, "real"....and he swore! I know that might bug some people. However, to me, it was honest....and if we want to be truthful here....I swear too ;) way more than I should!

I met in a group with Dr. L and the same 2 ladies (potential lapbanders) from last week. I believe this is the only time that we will meet together as a group.  At the last visit we were encouraged to research, research, research. The first thing Dr. L said this time was to "forget everything you have read until this point."   WTF? The HOURS I have spent scouring the internet for any piece of info are to be completely thrown out? No...not in that sense. He wanted us to not have the impression that is process is just about losing weight. He assured us that ANY diet/tool/surgery may HELP us lose weight, but the "thing" that truly determined our success was US! Of course, it makes perfect sense! He wanted to encourage us to "get our stuff figured out" upstairs.

I think that is practical advice. I left feeling encouraged and excited for the possibilities!

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